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This is us, Ana and Tanya! Two busy doctors who have spent a good portion of free time in medical school and residency, obsessing about food; whether through being glued to the food network, going to farmers’ markets, or experimenting, at times successfully in the kitchen. No experiment was too risky. We have even built a cake out of sushi for a friend’s birthday.

Now, although we live in different cities, our passion about food finds us frequenting coffee shops and diners, restaurants and grocery stores, in search of inspiration. We love food. We love to eat it, we love to talk about it, and we love to make it.

Upon getting a new camera, Tanya quickly became obsessed with food photography, leaving everyone else around her to suffer the consequences, which were mainly cold lunches and dinners. Ana quickly dug out her old camera and joined in the fun. We cannot begin to describe how supportive everyone around has been and this blog is for them as much as us.

We love fresh ingredients and spices and strongly believe that lots of garlic will always make your meals delicious and your taste buds dance a yummy dance.


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